Invest now!

Our advisors would be happy to welcome you for an appointment and to give your YOU INVEST buy and sell orders. In addition, our onlinebanking-service "George" offers the possibility to buy and sell YOU INVEST online.

Contact advisor

You need further information of YOU INVEST. You wish to talk to advisors of Erste Bank Österreich or Sparkassengruppe face to face. You want to open a security account, give a buy or a sell order for YOUINVEST. The advisors of Erste Bank Österreich and saving banks are happy to welcome you - simply contact them.

George onlinebanking-service

You can buy or sell YOU INVEST without the assistance of your advisor. George, our online banking-service, makes it possible.

If you already have a security account, which is activated to order online, you can buy and sell YOU INVEST directly.

If your security account is not yet activated for online orders, you can activate it in George. Activation is fast and easy. Open George and navigate to your security account. You can activate this feature by selecting “Buy and sell securities online” in the menu bar. Immediately after activation you can buy or sell YOUINVEST with just a few clicks.

In case you wish to invest in YOU INVEST, using online-transfers, please contact you advisor to open a saving plan.