YOU INVEST provides you with full transparency. Instead of complex financial reports, you see your key data at one glance. This way you can keep up to date with the performance of your investment. And, if you want to, you can find detailed information from the current investment mix to the portfolio strategy – all at your fingertip from home, work, or the road.


Experience a new form of reporting. It takes one glance to see the current performance of your YOU INVEST products, and you can do so every day. Our experts will explain to you the current development of your portfolio by video or blog. And with our interactive tools you can access that detailed information that you are looking for. This is what you can expect from YOU INVEST.


You want to expand your knowledge about the stock exchange and acquire detailed information on interest rates and equities? The YOU INVEST Club offers you exclusive events in connection with the financial markets and the YOU INVEST range of products. Make use of the chance to talk directly to one of our investment experts either by email, blog, or chat. Welcome to our community.