Your flexible investment

Simple, transparent, flexible: this is what our new investment concept looks like. Different goals require different investment strategies – our experts take care of the specifics. Do you want to save up for your children’s education, make sure you get a pension once you have retired, or set aside money for your lifetime dream? YOU INVEST stands for a fair balance between return and risk.

You want to invest a lump sum, or deposit regular amounts? You expect regular dividends, or want your return to be reinvested? Or would you like your assets paid out as a monthly pension on the basis of our annuity scheme? The 5 fund of funds solid, balanced, active, progressive and advanced are geared towards your risk appetite and requirements.

Experience a new form of investing: a fair balance between price stability and return is a core objective for YOU INVEST products. This objective is pursued through a broad diversification into different asset classes and regions as well as the systematic investment process. The investment experts of ERSTE ASSET MANAGEMENT monitor the financial markets on a daily basis and actively manage the money invested into the funds.

YOU INVEST is as flexible as life.

Get to know YOU INVEST and find the optimal solution to your needs.

The reporting is more transparent and understandable than ever: this is the standard you can expect from us. See the essential at one glance, and if you are interested, you can find detailed information, from the current investment mix to the portfolio strategy – from home, work, or the road. Our experts describe the actual portfolio performance also via video.

You want to enlarge your know-how about the financial markets? In the YOU INVEST Blog our experts keep you up to date with current topics relating to the financial markets and YOU INVEST. Do you have any question? Then contact us directly!
Warning notice:
The YOU INVEST active, advanced, balanced, progressive, solid and RESPONSIBLE balanced may make significant investments in investment funds (UCITS, UCI) pursuant to section 71 of the 2011 Austrian Investment Fund Act.